Creating a Landscape That Pops: Concrete Tips and Ideas

Your outdoor landscaping makes your first impression, it creates a relaxation zone for your family, and it can boost your property values. Landscaping involves lots of different elements including concrete. Hi, my name is Diane, and I love landscaping. However, I also love patios, magical pathways, sports courts and other concrete creations. Want help creating your fabulous outdoor space? Want help with concrete ideas in particular? Then, I would love to be there for you. I have a keen eye for decoration and have helped a lot of friends create their outdoor areas. I hope my tips and ideas can help you.

Ask these 4 Questions When Renting Scaffolding for Home Use


You may be surprised to find that you can actually rent scaffolding. You can use scaffolding when painting or making repairs to an elevated ceiling inside the home or for when you're painting or cleaning the aluminum siding or chimney outside. No matter your needs for scaffolding, you want to ensure you get the right type and that it works for the job at hand. Note a few questions to ask when renting scaffolding for home use.

1. Ask if you can put it together yourself

Scaffolding usually comes in pieces that you need to assemble, and in some cases this can be a big job. You may need an assistant to hold the plank or area you stand on while you assemble it to the framework of the scaffolding, or to hold up one end while you assemble another. On the other hand, some smaller pieces of scaffolding may be easy to simply snap together and also easy for you to set upright once it's assembled. In any case, ask if you will need an assistant if you are handling a job on your own so you know what to prepare for when it comes to assembly.

2. Note the clearance it will need

If you're using scaffolding indoors, you may be surprised at how wide and tall it becomes once assembled. It may literally not fit into your room to be painted or slide through doorways. Remember that connectors and wheels may jut out from the frame of the scaffolding, so don't look at its width alone to determine the clearance it needs.

3. Ask if planks are included

Typically scaffolding will include planks but not always; in some cases it's simply the frame that allows you to climb to an elevated height. If you want to stand on a plank and have your tools and buckets next to you, note if there is a plank included in the rental or of it's just the frame itself.

4. Ask what accessories they would recommend

Scaffolding may need a brace to keep it level against your roof, if you're using it outdoors. There may also be certain hooks and rails you can add to the scaffolding to secure your materials and keep you extra safe. If you're working at a very elevated height or outside where the ground might not be perfectly level, these can be the right choice for you. Ask what your rental agency recommends so you know you get the best scaffolding for the job.


9 November 2015