Creating a Landscape That Pops: Concrete Tips and Ideas

Your outdoor landscaping makes your first impression, it creates a relaxation zone for your family, and it can boost your property values. Landscaping involves lots of different elements including concrete. Hi, my name is Diane, and I love landscaping. However, I also love patios, magical pathways, sports courts and other concrete creations. Want help creating your fabulous outdoor space? Want help with concrete ideas in particular? Then, I would love to be there for you. I have a keen eye for decoration and have helped a lot of friends create their outdoor areas. I hope my tips and ideas can help you.

Ready Mix Concrete and Its Unique Benefits


Ready mix concrete refers to custom-made and ready-to-use concrete that is of high quality and intended for delivery to a designated construction site. Based on the requirements of the construction to be undertaken, the concrete which is brought in a plastic, freshly mixed or unhardened condition is mixed in specified proportions which include five primary constituents namely;  cement, water, coarse aggregate, air, and fine aggregate.

Ready mix concrete has the following unique benefits:

Reduced Construction Time and Expenses

The preparation of ready mix concrete involves pre-determined ingredients which are accurately measured and maintained hence minimising on waste. Since the concrete is mechanically mixed by companies like Liquid Rock Constructions Pty Ltd using the concrete mixer, the time and manual labour that could have been involved in mixing and casting is significantly reduced or even eliminated altogether. In addition to the labour and time, the storage for raw materials required for concrete production is eliminated which gives you convenience and saves you on cost.

Enhanced Quality

The quality of concrete including the ratio of water to cement as well as the grading of the aggregates is a very important issue in building and construction. Ready mix concrete arrests this problem by ensuring that quality is constantly maintained. The testing equipment and the machines used are top of the range meaning the margins of error in determining the proportions if any are minimal.


The ingredients used in making ready to mix concrete are not only plentiful in supply, but also their extraction does not have a damaging impact on the environment. Sand, water, and gravel or crushed stone account for a greater percentage of the volume of the mixture with cement taking a small proportion hence the eco-friendliness of ready mix concrete. Leftovers in the process of making this concrete are recycled or reused in other projects. Onsite concrete mixing uses lots of electricity and emits a lot of dust which can be significantly minimised through the use of ready mix concrete.

Lower Maintenance Cost and Durability

When you use ready to mix concrete in constructing your structures, one of the things you are assured of is durability. The selection of the ingredients and the mixing proportions enhance the sturdiness of your structures thereby reducing cases of cracking and collapse which means your maintenance costs will be low. Concrete that is not mixed in the right proportions can be affected by moisture and humidity which in the long run can damage the building.

These are just some of the benefits ready mix concrete can give you in your construction project. You will end up spending so much less and still get the quality you desire.


5 February 2016