Why Partial-Depth Bridge Repairs Often Exhibit Quicker Failure Rates


Bridge repairs are usually done considering many factors. In many jurisdictions, bridge repairs are contracted to repair companies that have the capability and prowess in the area. Bridge repairs that don't necessitate a full extension of repairs along the width of a bay or multiple bays are categorized as partial-depth repairs. The repairs are often shallow, and damage is limited to the bridge deck. These types of repairs can be done without closing the underpasses below bridges.

3 November 2015

Applications of Concrete Ground-Penetrating Radar


Concrete is ideal for building diverse features in commercial and residential properties. The material is popularly used in flooring, foundation structures, driveways, drainage channels and construction of walls. The likeability can be attributed to the strength, durability as well as the design versatility presented by the concrete material. On the other hand, concrete structures are not built to last forever. The structural features will require repair, maintenance and even modification over time.

12 October 2015

Tools You Can Use For DIY Concrete Cutting


Although concrete offers homeowners numerous benefits when it comes to surfaces that are weather resistant as well as durable, those that engage in do-it-yourself projects may typically have a love-hate relationship with this material. This is because concrete cutting can be an arduous task. In most cases, you may end up requiring the services of a professional contactor to save yourself the tedium. The good news though is that it does not have to be so daunting as long as you have the right tools.

9 October 2015

Factors to Consider When Renting Concrete Core Drilling Equipment


You may have decided to take on a tough DIY project such as drilling plumbing holes through the wall of the extension you have just added to your home. You may be feeling unprepared to buy the equipment you need, so you may have decided to rent concrete core drilling equipment for that task. This article discusses some considerations you should keep in mind as you look for the right core drilling equipment to rent.

9 October 2015

What to Discuss With Your Concrete Contractor Before Work Begins


If you're like most homeowners, when you need a new driveway or walkways poured you may simply hire a concrete contractor and allow him or her to get the job done. While a contractor may know more than you when it comes to the job itself, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't discuss some technical aspects of the job with him or her. This can ensure you're getting a durable driveway and walkways poured and that you'll be happy with the work for years to come.

2 October 2015

3 Steel Fabrication Products to Consider for Your New Home

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Planning a new home means choosing from several features that will help not only the design of your home, but also the integrity.  Your first thought may be to go with timber options, but there advantages to the stability and integrity of using steel fabrication products instead. Here are a few of the available steel fabrication products to consider for your new home. Steel Trusses When you think of the trusses for your home, you likely think of timber trusses and may not have considered using steel trusses instead.

30 September 2015