Guide on Choosing the Right Diamond Saw Blades for Concrete Cutting Jobs


Many concrete cutters know that diamond saw blades are valuable tools when it comes to performing concrete sawing jobs. But not all of these contractors know how they can choose the right diamond saw blades for different concrete cutting applications. If you are new to the concrete cutting business, here are a couple of things you will need to take into account in order to ensure you choose the right diamond saw blades for your projects.

20 May 2016

Mistakes That a Homeowner Might Make When Handling Their Own Concrete Cutting


Cutting concrete flooring or a driveway is different than cutting wood on a sawhorse, which is why a homeowner would do well to ensure they know what's involved with the job before they make their first cut. Note a few mistakes you will want to avoid if you've decided to handle your own concrete cutting project at home so the job is done safely and effectively.   1. Sweeping dust

1 April 2016

What You Need To Know About Sealing Your Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces


An exposed aggregate concrete surface is an excellent way to transform your outdoor floors. With these surfaces, a contractor will mix crushed materials such as glass chips and gravel with wet material and then expose these materials through surface treatments. Exposed aggregate concrete is a great material that you can use to lay a non-skid surface around your swimming pool. In addition, you can use exposed aggregate concrete to make permanent boundaries in your patio or driveway.

3 March 2016

Ready Mix Concrete and Its Unique Benefits


Ready mix concrete refers to custom-made and ready-to-use concrete that is of high quality and intended for delivery to a designated construction site. Based on the requirements of the construction to be undertaken, the concrete which is brought in a plastic, freshly mixed or unhardened condition is mixed in specified proportions which include five primary constituents namely;  cement, water, coarse aggregate, air, and fine aggregate. Ready mix concrete has the following unique benefits:

5 February 2016

Useful Guide When Cutting Driveway Concrete


If you are looking to renovate your concrete driveway, you have a major renovation project on your hands. Concrete is specifically designed to be durable and resistant, which makes cutting through driveway concrete a difficult and time consuming task. Not only is driveway concrete very hard, but quite a bit of dust is produced once you begin to cut into the concrete. This means that before you begin any type of driveway renovation project involving driveway concrete, you need to first become aware of the most helpful driveway cutting tips designed to make your project more manageable.

5 January 2016

What to Discuss With Your Contractor When Choosing an Exposed Aggregate


An exposed aggregate can be a good choice for any concrete surface you may need to have poured on your property. An aggregate is a bumpy material that is added to concrete to give its surface more texture and, in turn, make it more slip-resistant. This aggregate can also enhance the look of concrete so it isn't just dull and grey. When you're working with a contractor to have concrete poured and are considering an exposed aggregate, note a few questions to ask.

12 November 2015

Ask these 4 Questions When Renting Scaffolding for Home Use


You may be surprised to find that you can actually rent scaffolding. You can use scaffolding when painting or making repairs to an elevated ceiling inside the home or for when you're painting or cleaning the aluminum siding or chimney outside. No matter your needs for scaffolding, you want to ensure you get the right type and that it works for the job at hand. Note a few questions to ask when renting scaffolding for home use.

9 November 2015