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Factors to Consider When Renting Concrete Core Drilling Equipment


You may have decided to take on a tough DIY project such as drilling plumbing holes through the wall of the extension you have just added to your home. You may be feeling unprepared to buy the equipment you need, so you may have decided to rent concrete core drilling equipment for that task. This article discusses some considerations you should keep in mind as you look for the right core drilling equipment to rent.

Pick the Right Stand Attachment

Drilling cores in concrete is a tough job, so you may need to rent a stand attachment for the drill you use. Pick the right stand based on the specific conditions under which you will be drilling. For instance, rent a suction stand if you will be drilling through a horizontal slab. Such a stand uses suction power to create a vacuum underneath it so that it is firmly attached onto the ground. This will save you from having to drill anchor holes for the drill stand. Rent a stand that requires anchor holes if you are going to drill through a wall. Such a stand will be more stable than a suction one since the suction stand can detach easily from a wall due to the force of the operating drill, and gravity.

Pick the Appropriate Power Option

Do not limit yourself to thinking of only whether the concrete core drilling equipment is electric, hydraulic or pneumatic (air) operated. You should also consider the controls of the different machines you are choosing from. For instance, it may be better for you to rent a machine that enables you to select the drill speed based on how deep you want the core to be, or how hard the concrete is. Such a machine will enable you to complete the job faster since you will be in position to drill at a faster rate for shallow holes/cores.

Get the Right Drill Bits

Select drill bits that match the nature of job you are going to perform. For instance, get a softer drill bit if the concrete is very hard, or get a harder drill bit if the concrete is relatively soft. This selection process is necessary because the diamond drill bit has to wear out in order to cut through the concrete. That is why harder concrete needs softer bits and softer concrete needs harder diamond drill bits. Ask a professional like a concrete contractor from a company like Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd to estimate the relative hardness of your concrete so that you pick the right drill bits.

Your DIY project will proceed smoothly if you select rental concrete core drilling equipment based on the tips above.


9 October 2015