Creating a Landscape That Pops: Concrete Tips and Ideas

Your outdoor landscaping makes your first impression, it creates a relaxation zone for your family, and it can boost your property values. Landscaping involves lots of different elements including concrete. Hi, my name is Diane, and I love landscaping. However, I also love patios, magical pathways, sports courts and other concrete creations. Want help creating your fabulous outdoor space? Want help with concrete ideas in particular? Then, I would love to be there for you. I have a keen eye for decoration and have helped a lot of friends create their outdoor areas. I hope my tips and ideas can help you.

Useful Guide When Cutting Driveway Concrete


If you are looking to renovate your concrete driveway, you have a major renovation project on your hands. Concrete is specifically designed to be durable and resistant, which makes cutting through driveway concrete a difficult and time consuming task. Not only is driveway concrete very hard, but quite a bit of dust is produced once you begin to cut into the concrete. This means that before you begin any type of driveway renovation project involving driveway concrete, you need to first become aware of the most helpful driveway cutting tips designed to make your project more manageable.


It is important to note that the thickness of the driveway concrete will impact the types of tools that you use to cut through. If the concrete is not very thick, it might be possible to use just a sledgehammer to break the pieces apart. However, most driveway concrete is thicker than a few inches and is often reinforced. This means that you will need to use a circular or demolition saw to cut through the concrete. In most cases, you can use a saw in combination with a sledgehammer to get the job done.

Surface Cut

It is always a good idea to begin with a surface cut when you are trying to cut through concrete. The surface cut can be outlined using chalk. This means that you make an outline of where you want the initial surface cut to be located. You can then use your saw to cut along the outline. There will be quite a bit of dust produced when you begin cutting through the driveway concrete with your saw. It is suggested that you use a diamond wet blade. A wet blade will help to minimise the amount of dust that is produced and will even ensure that the blade is cool.


Once you have cut the concrete out, you have to concentrate on the area surrounding the outline. You want to make sure that the cut is even and that the concrete you are leaving in place is not damaged. This is done most effectively by using the end of the cutting tool to chip away at the outline. This will give you a cut line that is as straight as possible and will keep the existing concrete from being cracked. When you are making the cut with the tip of the tool, be sure to angle the tip in a position that is away from the existing concrete that you want to maintain. 

If you find the task overwhelming, consider contacting a concrete cutting professional to get the job done safely and properly.


5 January 2016