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Guide on Choosing the Right Diamond Saw Blades for Concrete Cutting Jobs


Many concrete cutters know that diamond saw blades are valuable tools when it comes to performing concrete sawing jobs. But not all of these contractors know how they can choose the right diamond saw blades for different concrete cutting applications.

If you are new to the concrete cutting business, here are a couple of things you will need to take into account in order to ensure you choose the right diamond saw blades for your projects.

Establish whether you will be cutting wet or dry.

The first thing that you will need to do is to establish whether or not water will have to be used when performing a particular concrete cutting job. More often than not, wetting cutting is used to minimise concrete dust, which can lead to lung-related health hazards like lung cancer. But there are also cases when there's no water to use on the job or exposure to concrete dust can be effectively controlled.

Regardless of the type of concrete sawing technique you intend to use, see to it that you have picked the right diamond saw blades for the job. There are different types of diamond saw blades designed to cut wet or dry. Make sure you use the right blade for the technique you're using.

If you make the mistake of using a wet cutting blade for dry cutting concrete, the blade will suffer damaged caused by excessive heat buildup. Overheating may result in dislodging of some parts of the blade, and this can cause a serious accident on-site.

Know the concrete cutting depth needed.

It is essential to select a blade type that has the capacity to cut as deep into the concrete as is needed. Diamond saw blades come in different diameters, and each diameter has a specific cutting depth. Concrete sawing depth generally increases as the diameter of a blade increases. For that reason, knowing the depth of the cut needed on a particular job can guide your choice of an appropriate blade diameter.

Information regarding the diameter and maximum cutting depth of a particular diamond saw blade is usually indicated on blade packaging.

Making an early decision on what concrete cutting method you will use for your project and knowing the cutting depth that will be required on a particular job should be sufficient to help you choose the correct diamond saw blades for your projects. If need be, you can always approach the company you are renting or buying the blades from for assistance.


20 May 2016