Creating a Landscape That Pops: Concrete Tips and Ideas

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Building A Low Maintenance Driveway: 3 Reasons To Choose Concrete


When choosing materials for a new driveway, durability and cost are probably going to be your primary concerns. However, you should also take into account how much maintenance your new driveway will require. Some driveway materials, such as gravel, can require a lot of labour-intensive maintenance, which may cost you a significant amount of time and money in the long term.

If you are looking for a driveway with minimal maintenance requirements, concrete is the way to go. Here are three reasons why:

Long-Lasting Sealants

Most driveway materials need to be treated with surface sealants to stay in good condition. These liquid sealants harden when applied, forming a waterproof coating that prevents rainwater and other moisture from penetrating the material.

Without these sealants, concrete, asphalt, stone pavers, and other materials will start to erode and may be more vulnerable to cracking and crumbling. Sealants also help to prevent staining caused by oil and fuel spills.

As a general rule, concrete sealants tend to be more durable and long-lasting than sealants used to protect other materials. They are especially durable when compared to asphalt sealants, which may need to be reapplied yearly if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. Resealing can be very time-consuming and may be expensive if you have it done professionally, so infrequent resealing can save you a surprising amount of cash.

Load-Bearing Strength

Concrete that cracks and crumbles under heavy loads will obviously be more difficult and expensive to maintain, especially if you drive a heavy 4x4 or ute. Frequent use can also damage driveways with insufficient load-bearing strength, which can be a problem for multi-vehicle households.

Concrete driveways are unmatched when it comes to sheer strength and can withstand the weight of the largest and heaviest road-going vehicles. For added peace of mind, your concrete service can use specialised, high-strength concrete mixes, or install a reinforced sub-base.

Zero Weed Growth

Weeds can be a nightmare for anybody who owns a gravel or paver driveway. Weeds growing through a driveway don't just look unsightly — weeds with strong roots can also disturb the sub-base and aggregates that support the driveway, leaving it more vulnerable to damage. Because concrete driveways form a continuous surface, they prevent any and all weed growth, provided the concrete is not cracked or damaged.

If you like the looks of paver driveways but don't want to spend time and money killing weeds, pave-cut concrete is an excellent alternative. To create a pave-cut driveway, your concrete contractor will cut deep grooves into the hardened concrete using specialised saws.

The finished driveway looks virtually identical to a concrete paver driveway. It can also be modified to mimic natural stone pavers, using colourants and surface finishes. The cuts between individual 'pavers' still have a layer of concrete at their bases, preventing weed growth.

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28 August 2023